Niki Norris Speaking at 2018 Summit Conference on Child Protection
Niki Norris AM, Chair of the NCPA speaking at the 2018 Summit Conference on Child Protection in Melbourne.

Niki gave vivid illustrations of the harms caused to children by appalling Family Court decisions. She has met with a great many Federal and State MPs and is unrelenting in her call for urgent investigations through a Royal Commission.
The NCPA has been calling for a Royal Commission for the last decade, after the ‘Shared Parenting’ amendments of 2005-2006 had disastrous consequences leading to abuses of many thousands of children throughout Australia. The late Emeritus Professor Freda Briggs and Charles Pragnell, Vice Chairman of the NCPA, were instrumental in initiating the calls at that time for a Royal Commission into such occurrences.
The NCPA also pressed for the Senate Inquiry into the Family Courts and which took place in 2017, but which was nullified when Attorney-General Brandis and Chief Justice Diana Bryant refused to give evidence. They would not have been able to do so with a Royal Commission and so the NCPA continues to pursue that avenue as well.

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