1. To seek a single Federal Child Protection Law which embodies a clear definition of child abuse and neglect and to be administered by the States and territories under Federal Supervision and Inspection.


  1. To seek immediate reforms of the Family Law Acts so that such laws are founded on the principles of  Child Safety and Protection, ‘Caring and Responsible Parenting’ whic ensures that such laws are child-centred and focussed on the Needs, Wishes, Welfare and Rights of Children and Young People.


  1. To seek the introduction of a Tribunal of Inquiry system as part of Family Law procedures, and comprised of child development and child protection specialists, to determine the most appropriate living arrangements for children, where parents are in dispute. Decisions of such a Tribunal to be based on the principles of ‘ Caring and responsible Parenting.’


  1. To seek improvements in the system of investigation of allegations of child abuse, including the weight given in law to children’s disclosures and complaints of abuse and to ensure that the process of children giving testimonial evidence is child-sensitive.




  • Supporting research into and data collection of the incidence, nature and frequency of child abuse.


  • Seeking improvements in the laws which protect children and young people and the systems which enforce such laws.


  • Bringing to political and public attention the right of children to be protected from personal harm and exploitations.


  • Promoting and supporting Papers and Articles to widen awareness of the need to protect children and young people from harm and exploitation.


  • Participating and contributing to public and political forums.




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