1. Skilled Counselling in trauma and stress related problems for children and young people and their parents/relatives.

2. A Chaperone/Escort service to accompany children/young people/parents on visits and meetings with lawyers, contact visits, Courts etc.

3. Independent Advocacy and Representation Services for Children and Young People.

4. Advice on presentations and procedures in Family Law proceedings.

5. Research studies and analysis – analysing, and summarising the most recent research into the nature and incidence of child abuse and exploitation.

6. Independent Legal advice and Representation (where Legal Aid is not available).

7. Promoting and publicising child safety and protection issues in political and public forums.

8. Supporting isolated single parents who have no family support system to help with children.

9. Meetings/seminars/ conferences with children, young people, and parents to discuss current issues regarding child safety and protection.

10. A Telephone Help Line for children and parents to provide advice where children may be being abused.

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