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We advise government departments on how to implement correct policy to protect the rights of youth and children.​

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There are many thousands of children suffering from abuse as a direct consequence of Family Court orders than you would want to believe?

Many Primary Carers/Protective Parents have been imprisoned, without being given the right of a trial by jury, after fleeing into hiding to safeguard their children when the Court failed to do so?

Under Rule 15.61 (2), an expert witness has immunity from prosecution and cannot be held accountable for their reports and the consequences, unless they perjure themselves under cross-examination?

The reports of these experts are usually subject to a Gagging Order so they may not be viewed by any other party, particularly another medical professional who might question the veracity and the integrity of the report?

Lawyers advise clients not to mention the abuse/sexual abuse of their child , warning them they could lose custody if they do?

Under the Shared Parenting principle, it is deemed by the Court to be in the best interests of the child to spend equal time with each parent (apparently) regardless of the their behaviour?

A senior Family Court judge has publicly stated that, “Even paedophiles have the right to a relationship with their children…” and such decisions frequently occur.

The draconian provisions of Section 121 of the Act ensures the child and the protective parent are silenced, indefinitely, as the provision enables the Family Court to act in almost total secrecy?  “Justice is not only NOT seen to be done, the injustices are not being seen.”

Family Court judges are not bound by the Evidence Act, 1955 ( Sub Division D of the Act) and are able to make subjective decisions on what they will, or will not, accept into evidence and then proceed to hand down Orders regarding the safety of a child based on only part of the evidence available?

Empirical evidence shows that when children complain of abuse, 96% are telling the truth?  Yet, the Court and its experts deny this fact and claim all complaining children have been coached.

When a child returns from a custody visit showing obvious signs of abuse/sexual abuse court orders prevent the protective parent taking the child to a doctor or hospital  without the family first obtaining permission from the alleged perpetrator and/or the Family Court?

The NCPA is dedicated to changing the Law, the system and the modus operandi of the Family Court of Australia and to give children a voice where they, their safety and their welfare are prioritised?

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